1. Hourglass

We all live in hourglass land, where the season's change and our memories remain, no matter what we do.


When autumn’s done, will you bury all the leaves,
In the forest where I learnt that you were gone?

When winter starts, will you melt the evening snow,
So the tracks you left are vanished by the dawn?

Where no seas rise,
I'm still here waiting for the tide,
Where no wings fly,
I’m still waiting for the cries.

Can’t stop the cliffs from turning to sand,
Time’s running out on hourglass land,
Rise in the dark so the shadows won’t come,
Can’t stop it all to forget what you’ve done.

And it’s an hour before dawn...

When snowdrops rise, and the flowers breed again,
Will you ask the roots to slowly fade away?

When summer’s here, will you pull the evening sun,
So that night can bring its shadows of the day?


And it’s an hour before dawn, and it’s before you even started,
And it’s like you were never born, as if the whole world had departed,

Where no winds rise...