1. Shores

With the opening refrain from John Dowland's 'The Frog Galliard' and the guitar heavily influenced by a traditional Flamenco 'Alegrías', Shores plunges the listener into the sound-world of Waterways.

The wave-like guitar and haunting lyrics speak of water as connection and loss; of loneliness and belonging.


Once I walked these shores alone,
Painted by the moonlight,
Couldn’t bring my body home,
Till my hands were chalk white,
TIll my hands were chalk white.

If we are living on stolen time,
A little more borrowed won’t lessen the crime,
Picked up the pebbles that lay on the beach,
Skimmed them over the wake of the sea.

Ask myself why I can’t count the waves,
When I’ve been standing here waiting all day,
Caught my reflection, in the sun.

Held a feather and a stone,
Dropped them from the cliff side,
Couldn’t see them fall below,
Up from where the gulls cry,
Up from where the gulls cry.